Welcome to my journey into the world of motovlogging on youtube.  The same journey many of you are either on at this time or have the desire to take in the near future.

I was inspired to develop this Blog after realizing just how many young people want to "start" motovlogging.  Then I became aware of just how many current motovloggers are struggling to gain success.  The struggle is real and the struggle has many levels since we all measure success at different levels.

Some consider me to be " a success"  or "well-known" as a YouTube MotoVlogger.  After 4 months of hammering out 50 video's my Subs are about to hit 6800.  Personally I don't consider myself to be a success because my sights are set much higher.  My goal is lofty......1 Million Subscribers and climbing.  Why not?

I have spent countless hours on Google researching the methods to build an audience on YouTube. The information is spread all over the internet.  My goal with this Blog is to bring it all together in one place to some degree.  To give present and future MotoVloggers a new "tool" to guide them. 

Also, to assist me in documenting this journey.  A Digital Diary so to speak.
This Blog is here to share what I have done to get here and to share where I am going.  My highs and lows as a YouTuber.
I hope you enjoy the ride.